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Each dish is a unique gastronomic experience, designed exclusively for you.

Really yummy and healthy.

What is special about these healthy plans?

The food we serve at Vive Green is based on the expertise of passionate culinary artists who care about well-being. All of our ingredients are fresh, 100% organic to meet all types of dietary requirements. Our meals are prepared with passion and love so that all of our #greenpeople eat truly tasty and healthy meals.

Prepared with love for you
Our plans

Meet your dietary needs without including foods that come from animals and relying on what the earth and nature produce.

Food where for every 2 servings of vegetables and proteins only 1 serving of carbohydrates is consumed, this in order to control diabetes.

Low-carb, high-fat diet that helps keep you in ketosis.

Planned nutrition for athletes who need a higher than normal amount of nutrients and protein for their lifestyle.

Dietary plan based on foods similar to those that could have been consumed during the Paleolithic era that were obtained through hunting and gathering.

Fresh soup made with fresh ingredients.

Plan for people who want to maintain themselves and who are looking for a complete balance in their diet without a specific need.

Juices made from whole fruits and vegetables, full of nutrients, minerals and made daily so they arrive fresh at your home.

We are all different

We want to please you all the time, that’s why our chefs have created a menu with more than 186 meals influenced by Latin cuisine, Asian fusion and Spanish cuisine. Ensuring that you eat rich and healthy really.

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How does ViveGreen work?

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Committed to your lifestyle
by Vive Green

Our plans help you save time, money and stay healthy by allowing you to improve your lifestyle without wasting time on:

  • Dishwashing
  • Hours cooking
  • Wasting time in the supermarket
  • Spending money at expensive restaurants
  • Think what and where to eat
  • Acquire bad habits
Savor the
“Vive Green is an excellent and authentic MEAL HOME DELIVERY that prides itself on serving high quality food for all those who want to combine nutrient-dense foods at a low cost.”

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